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FAQ's Alarms

1. How much does an alarm cost? The cost of an alarm system varies from one installation to the next. At Global II alarm systems are customized to fit your home or business as well as  you and your budget.

2. What is a monitored system? A monitored alarm is one where the local police department or other local authority will be called in the event of an alarm.

3. What is the charge for monitoring my alarm? The charge for basic monitoring is $20.00 per month plus any local sales tax. Monitoring via a cellular network is $30.00 per month plus any local sales taxes. (this is often less expensive than having a home phone line installed specifically for the alarm.)

4. Is monitoring required? No it isn't. however, it is highly recommended. if your alarm goes off and it's not monitored, no will be called and no authorities will respond.

5. Are credit cards accepted? Not at this time. often however, depending on circumstances, we allow  payments to be made with no finance charge.                

6. Is an alarm permit required? Many cities and counties require that an alarm be permitted and many do not. In most cases where a permit is required the annual fees are very low. (i.e. $10.00 per year)

7. Will i get a dicount on my home owners insurance policy? Most insurance companies do give discounts. You will need to contact your insurance agent to see how much you can save.

8. Is there a contract envolved? No. Global II does not tie it's customers to a long term contract.

9. How long does an alarm installation take? Installation time varies greatly depending on many things such as construction type, the number of devices to be installed, wired or wireless. The time could be from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

10. Can my existing alarm equipment be used and monitored? In many cases we can use the equipment that you already have and in those cases there is no charge for setting up your equipment for monitoring.

11. What is included and what is the cost of a basic alarm system? Global II Alarm Systems does not sale a basic alarm system. We sale alarm systems that take you, your home and your peace of mind into consideration. when we put our sign in your yard, potential thieves and burglars think twice because they don't know how you and your home are protected.

12. Are wireless systems available? Yes. With todays systems, everything can be installed wirelessly including door and window contacts, motion detectors, glass break detectors, sirens, keypads and panic buttons.

13. Is there a charge for a consultation and bid? No. We will be more than happy to come, at your convienence, to your home or business and discuss with you the many different options that best meet your needs.

14. Is there a warranty? Yes. There is a one year parts and labor warranty on non-monitored systems and a three year parts and labor warranty on monitored systems.

15. What happens to my alarm in a power outage? The alarm has a back up battery that will continue to power the system for a period of time depending on the number of devices such as keypads and motion detectors.

16. Is a phone line required to monitor an alarm? No. Alarms can also be monitored through cellular networks and the internet.